Who We Are

Haley Hunt – Founder/Owner

Family, community, hearth, and healing is the cornerstone of the Trulevia story and company. Haley Hunt, the founder and CEO is a former nurse with a keen interest in helping her neighbors enjoy maximum health and wellness, but found certain aspects of mainstream medicine were not addressing the power of the plant. She’s a mom, a wife, a farm owner, a community leader, and a trusted voice in the cannabis space.

Trulevia is a boutique marketplace offering the highest quality CBD products to advance her clients well being and improve their quality of life. Her nursing background is a differentiator from your garden variety budtender: she’s a health care professional applying her experience as a nurse to educate and support her client’s wellness journey by offering options to stay healthy with authentic, organic and creative products.

Christy Spanton – Product Director

Every good founder needs a trusted co-pilot, and Christy Spanton, Trulevia’s Director of Product serves with passion and pride. Balancing the roles of motherhood, with being a busy cannabis professional, with a deep interest in wellness, fitness, and helping others, makes her uniquely positioned to find the best products out there to manage stress and pain. While advocating for optimal health through improving nutrition, increasing activity and quitting unhealthy habits, she also encourages and promotes the use of CBD for herself and Trulevia’s clients. Christy dedicates her knowledge and love for the science of cannabis to her role of searching for the most innovative CBD products offered today. Christy’s mission: to serve as a source of help for those seeking more than relief, rather, the overall improvement of their well being.

Christy received her education from the University of North Florida, and found that healthcare was her passion. She excelled in the medical field where she served as a dental assistant and office manager of an endodontic practice. Leaving Florida and relocating to the Midwest, Christy became an insurance and mortgage specialist for an industry-leading storm restoration company. Christy believes in family first, and decided to take a step off the corporate ladder to become CEO of her growing family as a stay-at-home mom. This choice would eventually open the door to rich discoveries in the world of health and wellness.