The Jane West Compact


It’s time for something new in the world of discreet smoking and storage kits. The Jane West Compact is a day kit that looks just like a high-end makeup compact or eyeshadow palette from the outside. On the inside is everything you need for taking smoke breaks throughout your busy day.

There’s a removable plastic case that’s divided in two and helpfully labeled with a moon and a sun so you can store two strains and remember which is which. The Compact also holds the signature Solo one-hitter which is made of durable kitchen-grade enamel and heat resistant aluminum with a silver-tipped bowl that’s a perfect two-puff size. The custom-fitted multitool is designed to clean out the Solo after each session, and it even seals inside the Solo so you can carry the two as one cohesive piece. There’s a non-slip cradle in the middle of the Compact that’s designed to hold a standard-sized or mini lighter, so you don’t have to search your pockets or purse every time you smoke.

Additional information

Weight 5.4 oz
Dimensions 2.5 × 7 × 17 cm